Σοκαριστικές εικόνες δείχνουν την άγρια σφαγή φοβισμένης λεοπάρδαλης στην Ινδία!

Εννιά οργισμένοι άντρες από την Ινδία κατακρεουργούν μια φοβισμένη λεοπάρδαλη που στην προσπάθεια της να γλυτώσει από τη μανία τους κρύφτηκε κάτω από κρεβάτι.

Το σκληρό γεγονός συνέβη στο Gurgaon της Ινδίας,  όταν η μόλις δυο χρονών λεοπάρδαλη έφυγε από ένα κοντινό δάσος και βρήκε καταφύγιο δε κάποιο σπίτι.

The big cat was spotted prowling round homes in Gurgaon, India, after wandering away from nearby forests

Despite the attack taking place on November 26 last year, photos of the incident have resurfaced as leopard sightings and attacks in the region have increased due to industrial development driving the animals out of their natural rural habitats

The leopard cowered under a bed as villagers surrounded it in concrete home before its death

Several men try to pry the leopard's paws off of a man who suffered injuries during the hourslong attack

At one point during the rampage, it appeared as though villagers tried to capture the leopard under a net

But the leopard escaped the net, which is believed to have happened after it emerged from underneath the bed

Several men run from the vicious leopard as it runs through the village. Another man tries swinging a wooden staff at the cat


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